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Cables monitoring

Cables faults are among the most common ones in the power networks. The reason for cables faults can be many such as pour craftmanship, sheath physical damage during installation, overloading,  digging and other mechanical activities material imperfection stress etc. Cable’s fault causes power supply downtime which sometimes results with penalties, loss in production and additional network problems.

The POWER VIEW CLCM is permanently installed on a Cable sheath.  Monitors real time insulation leakage currents between power cables and corresponding sheath under load conditions. This helps in early detection of all insulation problems on power cables main insulation .

The monitoring system is available is available in several configurations starting from 1 phase version, 3 phase version, 6 phase version . All versions are available in various IP protection classes starting from indoor to outdoor IP65 installation. The power supply is 5V DC and it can be either network, solar or battery supply unit. The power consumption is less than 1mA!