Pioneering the future of power testing and monitoring


Cell voltage monitoring

The whole safety of the Power grid is closely dependent of substation  battery reliability and optimal performance. Cell voltage and individual temperature monitoring is crucial for the battery lifetime and power network security.  

Why perform battery monitoring?

  • Increase the reliability of the system
  • Prevent battery system failure /outages
  • Increase battery lifetime and reduce waste -faulty cell will be replaced on time before it degrades the whole battery
  • Reduce man hours while deep discharge testing – Cell voltage recording during deep discharge is included in the monitoring system and it works with all load unit manufacturers
  • Improve safety and prevent explosions in battery rooms                                                                                                                                        POWERVIEW BVM system has  highest accuracy on cell voltage measurement on the market , most advanced reporting and communication features . Software also includes most precise  cell voltages  monitoring and reporting according IEC  during battery string deep discharge 

Current monitoring

Ripple AC current (for Substation charger issues detection, thermal runway, and battery degradation prevention)

Explosive gases monitoring

Cells degradation or failure results in extended Explosive gas generation in battery room. When hydrogen in generated to a higher level (when it is contained in 4% in the battery room air- it becomes explosive so the smallest spark can cause explosion. The BVM EX monitors this gas full to LEL limit and requires no maintenance and re-calibration in the whole lifetime.  


Batteries thermal monitoring

Individual cell temperature measurement eliminates premature cell aging and can regulate the battery charge voltage (within the given limit). If this is not regulated in time, the speed of chemical reactions in the cells increases and they are additionally heated. This is a catalytic process that results in cell sulfation and permanent damage. Part of the system are thermo-sensors that are installed on the negative electrode of all cells.