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Vibrations monitoring

Vibrations monitoring has been used for decades as proven tool for early detection of mechanical problems. Some of the electrical problems also reflect in vibrations due to imbalanced magnetic field which affects the spinning and causes vibrations.
The system monitors relative vibrations (which are displayed as actual movement in each XY direction, absolute vibrations (which are represented as vibrations in all directions) and monitors axial vibrations (for axial movements). High end piezo electric and proximity sensors are part of this system controlled by National instruments Controller and Award winning software with many diagnostic tools which help in identification the root cause problem.

Rotor flux monitoring

Motors online monitoring is most widely accepted as the best practice for predictive maintenance of electrical motors. Rotor flux monitoring system for synchronous motors monitors each pole magnetic flux as the pole passes the permanently installed flux probe and compares signals obtained from each pole for early detection of rotor windings shorted turns and ground faults.

PD monitoring

PD monitoring is generally present in all stator windings on the rotating machines and is one of the common failure problems. There is no red line on the actual limit of a new machine that was set by IEC (standard says this should be decided between the end user and manufacturer) however rule of the thumb is – if PD doubles in 6 months is a clear sign that the machine is failing.
Measuring PD offline has no big significance on Generators (no mechanical forces which tend to move the components and no thermal expansion).

Leakage current and Insulation Analysis monitoring