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FIELD TESTING IN DIFFICULT ENVIRONMENT                           07.06.2021


The future of cable fault location that will change the industry.

This video demonstrates a REMOTE & Filed test in difficult environment. We invited a 40+year experienced field cable fault location operator, to evaluate the groundbreaking REMOTE CABLE FAULT LOCATION.

The typical fault location process usually takes less than 1 hour field work, but it consumes more than 3 hours of Cable fault operator’s time. (Time spent for driving back and forth, permissions, digging for fault confirmation). With this technology we reduce the operator’s time just to the fault location. The fault location will be done remotely (having all the controls and signals on one PC and headphones – with no sound delay on the fault acoustics). It will be beneficial for companies having both experienced and unexperienced operators.

Power View pioneered the REMOTE CABLE Fault location from the idea, proof of concept to product software and application development.


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 PRESS RELEASE                                                                                22.01.2021  

Groundbreaking NEW technology, product and services in cable fault location industry which significantly reduces time and cost for fault location and will increases operators’ comfort. 


Cable faults are the most common faults in the High Voltage networks.  The industrial and society demands today are extremely impatient when faced with lack of electricity.    

The cable fault location is not a straightforward measurement process. It is very intuitive work of fault pre-location/conversion and pinpointing using many instruments and tools. Even the most sophisticated equipment today requires highly experienced operator on site. This was the biggest challenge the industry was facing as an average fault location process takes total 4 hours (which includes average driving time to destination, fault confirmation and driving back)