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Cell voltage monitoring

The whole safety of the Power grid is closely dependent of substation  battery reliability and optimal performance. Cell voltage and individual temperature monitoring is crucial for the battery lifetime and power network security.  

Why perform battery monitoring?

  • Increase the reliability of the system
  • Prevent battery system failure /outages
  • Increase battery lifetime and reduce waste -faulty cell will be replaced on time before it degrades the whole battery
  • Reduce man hours while deep discharge testing – Cell voltage recording during deep discharge is included in the monitoring system and it works with all load unit manufacturers
  • Improve safety and prevent explosions in battery rooms                           POWERVIEW BVM system has  highest accuracy on cell voltage measurement on the market , most advanced reporting and communication features . Software also includes most precise  cell voltages  monitoring and reporting according IEC  during battery string deep discharge
  • It features long range wireless communication and comes in powerful web-based cloud software which analyzes all the electrical tests, other inspections such as visual and thermal and corona inspections and other types of monitoring for the particular element with most complementary risk assessment. The software is also available on a mobile phone with Android + IOS application. The software has most advanced permissions access and alarms management with notifications (SMS, email) and risk assessment.