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SF6 quality and leakage monitoring

The SF6 quality and leakage monitoring system does early indication and insulation quality assessment by monitoring of
SF6 degradation and quality, (7 key SF6 parameters are monitored)
SF6 moisture, (dew point measurement), SF6 leakage (by precise pressure measurement).
Leakage indication, SF6 is the most dangerous greenhouse gas. It has a global warming potential that is 23,900 times worse than CO2 and therefore release of SF6 in air is prohibited. The leakage of SF6 in air can be detected in early phase with the precise SF6 pressure monitoring system.

Leakage current and Insulation Analysis

Coil currents monitoring is used to detect potential mechanical and/or electrical problems in actuating coils well in advance of their emergence as actual faults, and extract information about lubrication, and latch operation.

The coil current shape can reveal a lot of information regarding the healthy condition of the operating mechanism and the coil itself. System compares coil currents and addresses mechanical issues by monitoring coil currents.

Circuit breaker oil quality and moisture monitoring

Ever since the beginning of oil filled Circuit breakers, the use the Circuit breaker oil breakdown voltage testing has been used as proven method for evaluating the dielectric properties of the oil. Our revolutionary sensor measures and monitors breakdown voltage, moisture tan delta directly mounted on the tank. With the oil quality can be monitored and oil contamination can be identified in very early stage before breaker fails.

Vibrations signature monitoring

Moving parts in circuit breakers are subjected to high stress and damping so each one has its unique vibration signature as each individual part will contribute to the overall vibration waveform.

A circuit breaker is a very complex mechanical mechanism. It has a huge variety parts including springs, lever arms, sheet metal, pivots, rubber stops, contacts, and many other such items. This means that the vibration signature of a circuit breaker will be very complex.