Pioneering the future of power testing and monitoring


Leakage current monitoring

The POWER VIEW LCM is permanently installed on an Disconnecting switch system. Monitors and analyzes real time insulation leakage currents under load conditions. This helps in early detection of all insulator problems .Using smart algorithm and additional sensors the interferences are eliminated and true insulators analysis is achieved. The monitoring system is available is available in several configurations and versions with IP protection classes starting from IP65.ThepowersupplyisSolarona battery backup supply unit suitable for unattended 5 years operation with no battery replacement

Thermal and Corona monitoring

The complete substation temperature and corona monitoring system is a permanently installed system which can cover a large area of substation elements (250-300m2) and monitor temperature and corona on each individual element ( such as Disconnecting switch) and trend the monitored results in a web based cloud software which analyzes all the electrical tests, other inspections such as visual and thermal and corona inspections and other types of monitoring for the particular element with most complementary risk assessment. The software is also available on a mobile phone with Android + IOS application. The software has most advanced permissions access and alarms management with notifications (SMS, email) and risk assessment.