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Fault Gas Analyzer

The Transformer FGA is  fault gas monitoring unit  which is designed for smaller transformers to prevent serious faults in the earlier stage , plan outage and replacement and evaluate asset condition It is capable of monitoring hydrogen gas generation, methane generation, moisture  and complete fault gas pressure.

Fault gases in transformer oils are generated in the main tank when the oil is imposed to excessive electrical and thermal stress (due to evolving fault).  As the fault generation accelerates the gasses are released . On natural breather transformers, the earliest possibility to detect these gasses is the breather whereas gases are released. Some small portion of the gases gets dissolved in the transformer oil (depending on the oil solubility coefficient) but depending on the transformer tank size this can take several hours .

The fault prevention monitors  installation is as simple as silica gel replacement. After the mechanical installation the system can be integrated in a central monitoring system with just a QR code scanner. The sensor is powered by batteries or batteries which should be replaced every 5 years, The monitoring is completely wireless and no cable installations are necessary for power supply or data communication. The batteries replacement period.