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Rotor flux

Large HV motors monitoring Extreme Conditions

The POWER VIEW XMCM is a system for HV motors permanent installation. The installation includes 2 relative vibration Bruel & Kajer sensors on each bearing for relative vibrations monitoring,  1 magnetic mount 3 axial vibration sensor for absolute vibrations monitoring with FFT , Leakage current sensor , load current sensor and temperature sensors and 1 axial vibration sensor. This helps in early detection of all insulation problems at the very early stage so maintenance can be well planned, and expensive damage and downtime can be prevented. 

The monitoring system is available in several configurations starting from 1 vibration 1 grounding point current monitoring 4 points stator temp monitoring and total 2 points bearings temperature monitoring to 4 points vibration 12 grounding point current monitoring 16 points stator temp monitoring and total 8 points bearings temperature monitoring. All versions are available in various IP protection classes starting from indoor to outdoor IP65 installation. The power supply is 5V DC and it can be either network, solar or battery supply unit.