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OLTC DGA monitoring

The DGA units incipient stage, before they develop into major faults and result in the outage of the transformer. The conventional BUCHHOLZ RELAY is universally used in transformers to protect against severe damages. However, its limitation is that enough gas must be generated first to saturate the oil fully and then to come out or there should be a gas surge to operate this relay. Moreover, Buchholz Relay is never meant to be a diagnostic device for preventive maintenance of transformers.

The Transformer FGA is  fault gas monitoring unit  which is designed for smaller transformers to prevent serious faults in the earlier stage, plan outage and replacement and evaluate asset condition. It is capable of monitoring hydrogen gas generation, methane generation, moisture  and complete fault gas pressure.

The transformer OLTC Fault gas analyzer is state of the art gas analyzer for On load tap changers cpecially developed for measuring large gas concentrations typically present in OLTC. In OLTC Hydrogen (H2) is generated by partial discharges, arcing and in normal service caused by stress from electrical field,  

Acetylene (C2 H2) is generated by arcing. Methane (CH4) is generated at higher temperatures though generation starts at relatively low temperature (approx. 150 °C). Ethylene, (C2 H4) is generated by higher temperatures (300 °C and higher). Ethane (C2 H6) is also generated by higher temperatures (300 °C and higher).  The system is capable of detecting these types of gases in a large concentrations .  It’s web based cloud software  analyzes all the electrical tests, other inspections such as visual and thermal and corona inspections and other types of monitoring for the particular element with most complementary risk assessment. The software is also available on a mobile phone with Android + IOS application. The software has most advanced permissions acess and alarms management with notifications  ( SMS , email )