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Groundbreaking NEW technology, product and services in cable fault location which significantly reduces time and cost for fault location and will increases operators comfort. 


Cable faults are the most common faults in the High Voltage networks.  The industrial and society demands today are extremely impatient when faced with lack of electricity.    The cable fault location is not a straightforward measurement process. It is very intuitive work of fault pre-location/conversion and pinpointing using many instruments and tools. Even the most sophisticated equipment today requires highly experienced operator on site. This was the biggest challenge the industry was facing as an average fault location process takes total 4 hours (which includes average driving time to destination, fault confirmation and driving back).


With the Power View software technology and products for Remote Cable Fault Location- cable fault will be simple enough for any electrician to perform as fast as the worlds most experienced professional. We have worked to make the equipment, software and technology compatible with most of the existing products on the market and it works with the present Windows and Linux based platforms for Centralized PC operated fault locating equipment and most of the portable instruments such as ground microphones, cable route tracers and earth pulse potential meters for sheath fault pinpointing so the technology will be more available for the industry.

Fault finding process and services

Fault finding can now be completely directed from a remote location


The operator communicates with all existing Centralized (PC controlled) test vans from a 3rd location. Full control of the test van is established with cyber secured software with advanced features which help the process.  The operator on site just needs to connect the test leads to cables and enable and enable HV by turning key -allowing the remote operator to do testing, fault pre-location and conversion and turn the key to switch off HV.  


If prestored, the cable route can be displayed at the operator glance to follow (while having his both hands free).  If route needs to be traced – the Remote operator takes over. With the new product and technology – the remote operator has in front of him portable instruments display, setup gauges and he hear the sound coming from the cable route tracer on a remote location. Using special software for sound filtering thinning and amplification – he can manually fine tune according the exact terrain situation. This will improve and ease pinpoint accuracy.  The moving direction, pace and instructions are displayed as a virtual route in front of the on-site operator to follow.   With this -the Remote operator guides the onsite operator to the fault.  With similar processes -cable surging and sheath fault pinpointing is performed.

Using this technology, engineers can now find cable faults from the comfort of their office or utilities and companies can utilize our or 3rd party certified services for remote cable fault location.

The new technology, equipment and software will serve the power industry demand for faster and cheaper cable fault location:

  • the total time for cable fault location will be considerably reduced
  • experts within the utility can locate faults from the office environment and will be highly more productive. (no more hours and days wasted driving to the fault location and back)
  • users with less experienced personal can benefit our expert Services for Expert Automatic Cable

Power View invented this remote application. The software and equipment are developed with the National Faculty of electrical engineering and information technologies FEIT 


Pioneering the future of power testing and monitoring