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Single gas DGA monitoring

Dissolved gas analysis in the transformer has been used for decades as a reliable tool for indication and prevention of faults. According to international standards for maintenance of transformers and in accordance with the rulebook for testing of HV equipment this analysis is mandatory. DGA is a powerful diagnostic technique for monitoring some of the possible faults in the transformer and trend the progress

The Immersed Tank Sensor is a DGA monitoring unit. It is capable of monitoring hydrogen, temperature , moisture and oil degradation directly from the transformer tank by permanently mounting on a flange. It has no moving parts (like pumps membranes gears etc. and uses solid state nickel palladium sensor for H2 measurement. No spare parts maintenance or recalibration are required in the min 15-year lifetime.

Worlds fastest response time to fault
No spare parts consumables or recalibration
Different sensors and technologies
Proven Hydrogen monitoring sensor and technology
Fully configurable and field upgradable