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Rotor flux

Small HV motors monitoring

Vibration, Temperature and Insulation Analyzer

Mechanical problems can be easily detected by measuring vibrations.
Absolute, relative displacement (vertical/horizontal) and axial displacement can be monitored for evaluated. Sensors are permanently mounted on bearings (min 2 sensors for shaft displacement calculations) and min 1 sensor for absolute vibrations measurement and axial measurement.

The MCM monitors:

leakage currents (current flowing through insulation for all types of insulation failures detection)
3 axial vibrations with FFT ( for bearings , diagnostics, magnetic related problems diagnostics, reductor or gearbox diagnostics , coupling diagnostics and fans and pump diagnostics
-stator temperature (for detecting insulation and overloading failures in the earliest stage)
Bearings temperature ( for detecting bearings failure at the earliest stage
Load current ( for overloading detection and service life extension
It comes in IP 69 EMC shielded housing with magnets for easy installation on all types of motors.